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The specific use of various webbing
Apr 18, 2018

The specific use of various webbing

1, Jacquard Ribbon

Webbing Jacquard is a stylish and trendy webbing process. Jacquard has single-sided jacquard and double-sided jacquard. The most used nylon webbing jacquard is the most high-end webbing variety. After jacquard weaving with three-dimensional appearance, jacquard pattern durable resistance, never deformation. The brand jacquard, the logo is clearly visible, the color is bright, and it is of great grade, which can increase the added value of the product and enhance the brand image. The unique pattern jacquard can reflect the beauty and differentiating design of the product, and can also demonstrate the designer's design concept. Mainly used in high-end brand products such as luggage, leather goods, bags, pet belts and belts.

2, nylon ribbon

Nylon ribbon is imported nylon yarn and environmental dyes, and advanced dyeing and finishing equipment and dyeing and finishing technology production, bright color, good wear resistance, feel soft, strong pull and good gloss and other nylon ribbon unique product advantages. Nylon webbing is durable in use and does not change for ten years. Various weaves can also be developed according to demand, such as plain weave, herringbone pattern, twill, twill seam, hollow belt (hollow belt), fine pit pattern and so on. Widely used in handbags, leather goods, luggage, lanyards, outdoor supplies, baby carriages and other products.

3, nylon pet belt

Nylon pet belt is made of imported nylon material, which is colorful and feels excellent. According to the characteristics of various pets, we can research and develop various webbings of various specifications and colors. At the same time can be special fixed color, jacquard, thermal transfer, silk screen, waterproof, soft treatment, etc., so that the product is beautiful and practical.

4, rope, hem band, elastic band

Strap: It is a universal product in webbing products. It has an empty core and a core. Fashion styles and colorful colors such as colorful belts are fashioned according to fashion trends. Widely used in handbags, casual wear, shoelaces, outdoor ropes, etc. Made of nylon, polyester or cotton.

Enclosures: Nylon edging tape is used more, shiny products, commonly used mainly for the inner edge, thick nylon edging tape for external wrapping, not easy to wrinkle. It is widely used in fine leather goods, high-end bags, sleeping bags, tents, clothing, wrapping and decoration. It is also widely used in sports shoes such as buttonholes, reinforcements and other functional uses. In accordance with customer requirements can be made hard and soft, thickness, color insertion, seaming, reflective effects and other changes. Polyester wraps are softer and are used for the wrapping of softer fabrics.

Elastic band: Imported like a root, excellent elasticity, not easily deformed, repeated stretching can also maintain good elasticity. Can be used for knee pads, waistbands, clothing, belts, hoods, medical supplies.

5, wide and narrow

Wide and narrow bands are webbings with different widths and widths, also known as gourd bands. They are generally used as a vertical bar, used for bag decoration recognition, and have excellent decorative effects. Wide transitions in width and width are generally used in camera belts to fully demonstrate the coordination and aesthetics of the overall product design. The symmetry of the wide and narrow bands is the key to measuring quality and the quality is absolutely guaranteed.

6, polyester high strength webbing

Polyester high-strength webbing is produced from polyester industrial filaments. It has strong pulling force. It is used in automotive safety belts, various safety barriers, fire protection ladders, electric climbing protection belts, safety helmets and other products. It can provide tension and wear resistance on request. Rubbing, anti-ultraviolet, color fastness and other international test reports.

7, polyester cotton ribbon

Polyester/Cotton Ribbons: Polyester/Cotton refers to the collective name of polyester/cotton blend fabrics, with polyester as the main component. Its characteristic is that it not only highlights the style of polyester but also the strength of cotton fabrics. It has good elasticity and wear resistance under dry and wet conditions. It is dimensionally stable and has a small shrinkage rate. It has a strong, unbreakable, easy to wash, quick-drying. The characteristics of the land are mainly used in women's clothing, belts, cotton fabric bags and other products.

8, special ribbon

Special webbing: The material can be selected from special raw materials for weaving or special treatment, such as Kevlar ribbons, fish ribbons, and slings. According to the needs of the product, it can be used for waterproofing, anti-ultraviolet radiation, increasing tensile force, flame retardant, anti-aging and abrasion resistance to improve the uniqueness of the product. It is widely used in outdoor products, marine life-saving supplies, fire-fighting equipment, fitness equipment, military belts. Gun belts, back straps, armed belts, parachutes, etc.

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